(a small collection of things i've found over the years)
a folded blue index card with a grocery list handwritten messily on
      it: flour, baking soda, unsalted butter, sugar, bittersweet chocolate,
      cake flour, egg whites, lemon juice (this one is scribbled out), cream
      cheese, heavy cream a photo of a little tabby cat sitting demurely on some concrete. the
      cat's eyes are friendly and it looks like it wounldn't mind if you gave
      it a pat a scan of a scrap of paper that's torn on the edges: there's a
      picture of half a fruitcake on it, and below the fruitcake it says 'Give
      a gift that changes a life.' a lined sheet of paper torn out of a spiral bound notebook. there's
      a grocery list messily handwritten on it. parts are more or less
      illegible, but here's my best guess of what it says: Groceries. berries,
      carrots, H-crisp apples, walnuts, lime juice, bananas organic (likely),
      grape tomatoes, meat - chicken wings - ground meat, musli, bars, bread,
      soy cause (this is crossed out), triscuits, (illegible) rice,
      (illegible), low sodium beans, low sodium pasta sauce, low sodium
      lunchmeat, (illegible) veg, white pepper, milk (1/2 gal), (illegible),
      cheese slices (this is crossed out), sympathy card for Alison, napkins
      (crossed out), (illegible), paper towels, toilet bowl cleaner,
      deodorant. a blurry photo of a hand gently holding some low-hanging cherry
      blossoms. it's dark except where the flash has illuminated the hand, the
      flowers, and a few more blossoms in the background. the magic the gathering card 'Anjani's Chosen'. the image on it has
      two lion people and one cheetah person with angry expressions and
      shining, clawed hands. the text on the card says 'Creature - Cat Soldier.
      Whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, put a
      2/2 white Cat creature token onto the battlefield. If that enchantment is
      an Aura, you may attach it to the token. 'United, our roar will level
      mountains.' the art is by Wayne Reynolds. A photograph of someone lying on a grassy field: it's a bright sunny
      day, and you can see the shadow of the photographer beside them. they are
      holding two small oranges up to their eyes like they have very
      protuberant tangerine eyes; I think that, in the background, someone is laughing. a folded yellow post-it note
                                            that has written on it: bc43744
                                        password the map from the front of an older edition of the Princess
           Bride by William Goldman. it's all in blues and reds and it's high
           stylized: gnarled images of trees, a cave in the shape of a skull,
           high cliffs and sharks and castles and an elaborate compass rose.
           it's a fantastical thing and very lovely. a photograph that's mostly just bright, deep blue: it's of the sky,
      maybe at dusk. in one corner there's a tiny bright smear that must be the
      moon. in the opposite corner, the silhouettes of the tops of a tower and tree. a card with three red arrows at the top, pointing upward, and below
      an image. the image is a little blurry, but it seems to be of some kind
      of medieval art of figures with halos (more saints, perhaps?) in a very
      ornate frame. you can't see this in the image, but the other side of this
      card explains that it's an entry pass to visit the vatican. an image of a figure with the shaved-crown hairstyle and brown robes
      of a Christian monk (a saint, perhaps?) holding a small child. the child
      has a knowing expression and elaborate halo. a photograph of the photographer's shadow against bright pavement a photo of a very lovely sunset with streaked peach and pink and
      blue, with scattered clouds. it's grounded by the silhouettes of the tops
      of some trees on the bottom. it feels deeply calm and quiet. a paper with a line design of overlapping houses and trees. it's
      charming, in blue on a background yellowed with age. there's a few
      handwritten numbers in one corner, although they are not very legible.
      it's an endpaper, torn out of an old book a long time ago.