I think textiles are desperately interesting and really enjoy engaging with them in a variety of ways. (my personal dream is to grow my own flax and go through the whole process of making linen)

Some of my own textile projects:

Here are some various links and resources related to textiles, textile history, etc. that I've encountered while working on these and other various Projects. This list is mostly just websites and links to readily available info — I have a kind of half-hearted Zotero for tracking more academic resources, but this is the stuff that I both: think is generally harder to track down than more academic writing and also what I actually come back to again and again. And a lot of that stuff is pretty impossible to access without an academic affiliation.

바지 (Korean pants, transliterated as baji)

Other Korean textile information

甚平 (a practical Japanese summer top, transliterated as jinbei or jimbei)

Tablet weaving

Some various handwork things (embroidery, etc.)

Spinning and fiber

Weaving and looms

Other, various, miscellaneous things