hi, i'm radish(es) – any pronouns are okay! i'm 26 & 日系人.

i've also been dabbling a little in pixel art/animation so unless otherwise credited all the graphics on this site are mine. there's nothing too fancy but please feel free to use them (credit appreciated of course!), although note that some of it is fanart/pixel-ization of pre-existing work.

this site is entirely handwritten in Vim (sorry) and deployed to neocities using GitHub Actions. (the code itself is pretty questionable because I'm relying exclusively on a decade of customizing my tumblr theme and w3schools tutorials)

and on that, a note on accessibility: I'm trying to make sure this site fulfills at least some very basic standards of accessibility (partially to try and better understand what that actually means for a website like this) — thus far that's mostly manifested in descriptive alt text on images, mobile-friendly (if not fully mobile-optimized) design, and contrasting text colors. if anyone has any further suggestions or resources please let me know!

I'm a Firebellied Toad! (according to the All About Frogs
     frog quiz)